The American Accent Course

If English is your second language and you have ever been concerned or embarrassed about your pronunciation, also you need to check this out…

Start Speaking CLEARER, MORE CONFIDENT English Today!

Discover How You Can Speak English Like an American… STEP BY STEP

Because the American Accent Course is a unique and proven online accent reduction program for people who have learned English as a second language. Also Thousands of people have benefited and now, you can, too.

Also watch the TV show (above) to see how a SpeechSchool.TV course could make a difference to your life…

Because Speech School.TV is a subscription-based, Internet TV Channel that is the result of over 30 years learning and practice in the area of English speech training and voice coaching. Also we are based on campus at a major University and have students from over 59 different countries.

Gain respect and confidence:

Whether you’re a first or second language speaker of English, now you can speak more clearly, neutralize a foreign accent, overcome speech problems (eg. mumbling, stuttering) or make your presentations sparkle!

How does it work?
The online training is made up of four dynamic and interactive components:

1. Weekly 10-15 minute TV training show hosted by a professional voice coach.
2. Downloadable exercises based on the training program to practice each day.
3. Downloadable recordings to assist and model daily practice.
4. Speech Assessment option available any time, with certificate for achieving excellence: simply plug in a microphone, take the test and receive a graded report.

Change Your Life With
Your Perfect Accent

Imagine talking with perfect American Accent like a native. Imagine how your life could completely change, when it comes to social interactions in your personal and professional life.
Think about it for a minute…The only thing that separates you from the native speakers of American English is your accent and pronunciations.
If you had a chance to change that once and for all, wouldn’t you owe it to yourself to do that?
Why wouldn’t you want to fix something that has such an impact on your life right away?